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This is me, back on WordPress after one million years, posing in a particularly way. The last few weeks were quite stressing and I’m actually not quite into blogging at the moment. There are so many different things to do, but I’m actually too lazy to do them so I’m laying in bed every day for like 6 hours. I bought a Nintendo 2DS (That’s the normal 3DS but without 3D) two weeks ago with a pre-installed Pokemon Game called „Omega Ruby“. Pokemon – that’s what I love.

Anyway, below you find a few pictures of me and my dearest Boy who took most of the photos. We discovered an abandoned house in my neighborhood what puzzled me because I never got to know the family there moved away. The house and the garden were kind of like totally destroyed with weird objects everywhere, just like this cute shiny light bulb. I just dyed my hair grey at this time (it became more kind of purple, but fck it), so I thought it was quite a good opportunity to wear one of my new favorite jackets for the first time that I got from dresslink, an online shop that you might know. What I like about dresslink is that they’re quite cheap and the quality of the clothing is really good anyway. That’s just my kind of thing as a first-class-fleamarket-visitor :-)

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Shoes: Dr. Martens // Jumpsuit: Primark // Jacket: Dresslink


2 Gedanken zu “Abandoned

  1. sehr coole Fotos! Sieht ein bisschen gruselig aus mit der Location, aber gelungen! :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Jasmin von nimsajx.blogspot.de

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